Free Schtuff!

You may remember earlier this summer I received a VoxBox from Influenster. Well, apparently I did something right with my reviews and stuff because late in July I received two e-mails that I had won Brand Challenges! I don’t even know what that means, but you know I’m always open to getting free stuff!

From Kiss (who originally provided me the press-on nails that I loved) sent me false eyelashes & glue  and gradation polishes. I don’t know if I’ll ever wear the lashes. I haven’t tried out the polishes yet, maybe I will later in October-the grays/silvers look kind of Halloweeny.


Kiss eyelashes & glue and Gradation polishes

I also received…a year supply of deodorant! Of the kind that I already use! Now you may be wondering how many deodorants equal a year’s supply. Four. Four deodorants in a year, but really I’m pretty sure it takes me about three months to go through one, so it actually does equal about a year! I just saved $16!


A year supply of Secret!

So, I guess writing those reviews really paid off. I always love free stuff, but awesome free stuff makes it that much better!


Free schtuff!

**edit** I started the first deodorant of my year’s supply on December 15th. I’m writing that here so I can go back and look when I’m wondering when I started it!

**editedit** I finished the last of my free year’s supply on April 1, 2015! So, yes, apparently four deodorants is a year+ supply!

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