Colgate Optic White

About a month ago I received another box from Influenster, hooray! It was the Colgate Optic White VoxBox.


Optic White VoxBox

When I opened it, I saw:


Optic White brush & whitening pen

[I think there was some toothpaste that came in the box too, but I think one of the kitties batted it somewhere around the bathroom]



The product idea is pretty neat, the whitening pen snaps into the bottom of the toothbrush, making it handy for use. Also makes it easier not to forget to whiten.

The last time I tried a whitening product was a longggg time ago. Like, whitening products were still pretty new. I don’t remember what brand I used, but I remember it being nasty. It was a clear gel that tasted nasty. Also, I have pretty sensitive teeth, so putting anything on them besides my sensitive toothpaste makes me a little nervous sometimes. It took me a few weeks to decide that I did want to try and review this product.

After I brushed (not with that Colgate brush, I just like my electric Oral-B Vitality too much), I put the whitening (gel? paste? stuff?) on. You just had to click the bottom to push the whitening stuff up.


Whitening device


Applying the whitening…stuff

The instructions never really said how to apply it, so I kind of just painted it on my teeth.

The taste has improved tremendously over the past 12 years or so! This did not taste nasty, it really didn’t have much of a flavor, but there was a hint of mint which made it feel fresh. However, I did not like how it felt on my teeth. It was kind of rubbery. It wasn’t bad, but I’m a baby & am particular about what I put on my teeth.

I only used this product for two nights, for two reasons. One, I was scared about how my sensitive teeth would react to it with continuous use (although I did not have any pain only using it for two nights, I’m not sure how it would have been had I continued to use it. It was a risk I was not willing to take). Two, I really didn’t like the way it felt on my teeth. That weird feeling really only lasted a few minutes & there wasn’t any there when I woke up in the morning, but I just couldn’t handle the few minutes that it did feel funny.

I obviously did not use it enough (or pay attention) to see a difference, even though the packaging does say “Whiter teeth in just 2 days.” While this might be a good product, the cons outweighed the pros for me when using it. I told my friend about this product & ended up giving it to her to try because she was interested in using it.

I just googled this product to see how much it costs and it looks like it can be bought for anywhere from $12.99 to $16.99. Yikes! If I was looking for a whitening product, that price would turn me off before I even looked at the product (maybe all teeth whitening products run about that price? I have no idea). I was sad that this product just wasn’t for me & that I couldn’t give it a full review.

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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