Easy, Delish Nacho Dip

I had some friends over last week for a taco night. I wanted to do something more than just tacos with chips and salsa. Then I remembered this dish that my mom makes often for the Superbowl or other parties.

Prepare yourself, this is prob the most easiest dip you’ll ever make (obvs besides pouring out a jar of salsa or queso, but that’s not making anything, now is it).


You need: cream cheese, salsa & Mexican cheese
Not pictured: chips


Let the cream cheese set out to soften up a bit, then spread it around a plate (this is a pie dish)


Pour a layer of salsa on top of the cream cheese


Sprinkle cheese on the top
You could then top it with olives or peppers or anything else

You could probably make a single serving of this as well…oh wait, this isn’t a single serving??

Also, a tip of advice from 17-year-old Hannah: do not take this in your lunch and leave the container in your backpack for weeks. Whoops. hashtag mold.

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