Breaking Bad > Life

At least from September 19-29, Breaking Bad was greater than life. After dinner on the 19th M & I were trying to figure out what to do, so I suggested “letsgogetbreakingbadfrommyparentshouseandstartit!” So. We did. Then after watching 3 episodes that night I decided that we needed to watch all 61 episodes to get caught up for the series finale on the 29th. So. We did.


season 1

I don’t even know how we did it. Yes I do, by staying up ridiculously late. I legit planned our week around it, sending M a dinner list that included quesadillas, grilled cheese and pizza. This way we could make dinner and start it up again asap.

We had a few hindrances throughout the week, like taking time out of our evening to make life decisions as well as our blu-ray player not playing sound one night (solved by flipping on and off the power switch, took like 20 minutes to figure that out) and netflix not loading on Sunday afternoon (solved by mom’s ipad-she had bought all the episodes of season 5).

We cut it close for sure! We finished the third to last episode about 30 minutes before the second to last started on AMC.

The day of the finale (after staying up until 3:30 and getting back up at 9:30), we had KFC (aka los pollos hermanos) for lunch. Later in the afternoon M ran out to the local establishments to pick up some of the “good stuff.” [disclaimer: he went to cracker barrel and picked up some blue rock candy. I do not condone the cooking or usage of methamphetamine! I do condone the use of Shraderbrau]


blue stuff



I don’t even know why I liked this show. I typically only like shows like Dance Moms or Teen Mom or New Girl. We had seen bits and pieces of a few of the later episodes this summer & something made me think “I need to watch this (and catch up with the rest of the world!)”

It was fun watching all of the episodes in a week & racing against the clock those final two days. However, eventually I want to go back and take my time through them. I hard-core dozed through some of the ones we watched late (but went back and re-watched most of those! not the ones towards the end though, no time!).

I was satisfied with the ending (well, I was hoping it was all a dream and Walt & Jesse were eating breakfast at Denny’s and everyone lived happily ever after). I knew that wouldn’t be the case, so I approved of what it was. I would have liked one more “Mr. White” because Jesse calling him that was pretty much my most favorite thing about the whole show. I would totes watch a show featuring Jesse Pinkman.

We went back and re-watched Jimmy Fallon’s Joking Bad on Sunday night. So much more hilar now that I understood the jokes and characters.

If you haven’t watched this show, you should. I don’t know why it’s good, but it is.




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2 Responses to Breaking Bad > Life

  1. Joanne Plevka says:

    Fun! I started watching the first two seasons on Netflix on my computer at work. Off and on I would watch while AMC had their marathon last week. I watched Weeds be fore trying BB. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. It’s a little “R” rated but very funny. Love your blog, Hannah

    • hkschulte says:

      I’ve heard of Weeds, but have never seen it (someday Mike and I will join 2013 & get cable & internet/netflix!). Love BB though (obviously!) You should definitely check it out!

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