Week Three

No-Sugar January seems to be getting easier every day. I am almost not even craving the brownies I am planning on making for Feb 1! Week three flewww by, but it also brought some sadness. We found out on Thursday night that M’s grandma passed away at age 86. We spent the weekend and today down with his family for her funeral. It was unfortunate circumstances that we were all together, but really it was an awesome weekend with everyone there 🙂

It was definitely hard to pass up the cake table today after the service because there were about 100 different kinds of pie and cake, but we did it! As we were driving home, I realized I had hardly had any sugar all day (like usually I have an applesauce or yogurt or something sweet). I was getting a headache, so when we stopped at the gas station, I decided to get a few cereal bars. I am questioning my decision about getting the chocolate pretzel delicious one. I compared the nutrition facts to the strawberry one (which I also got) and they were basically the exact same. The chocolate one had a few more calories (like 5 maybe), but the sugar content was the same. I feel kind of guilty for eating it, but at the same time not and boy did it hit the spot!!

I can’t believe there is like a week left of the month. I am also now in Week Two of the gang 8-week challenge. Follow our blog here as we go through this together! One of the caratories is only eating a sweet one day a week. I obvs am not going to that this month and am going to try to keep it up for the next two…yikes, I know!! I have already decided I am going to splurge for me & my daddy’s birthdays in a few weeks. Me & Heather are going to Iowa to celebrate our birthdays and I suggested getting an ice cream cake from dq. Then maybe I will make me and Johnny a cake for when I get home. But, other than that, I don’t plan on eating many sweets  (unfortunately you only earn points for not eating sweets for 6 days, you don’t earn any extra if you eat on that last day).

Happy almost Tuesday which feels like Monday to me!

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