Sweet Dreams…Literally [Jan.3]

Every night (and nap) I’ve had so far, I have dreamed about eating sweets. There was the donut and cupcake ones that I mentioned yesterday. Last night, I dreamed that I was walking through Macys in Chicago looking for Alicia (this is one of the places we went when I visited a few weeks ago). I was walking through the toy department and the was a little serve-yourself candy section. For 52 cents, you could get a piece of candy from the bin (kind of like Brachs at some grocery stores). I dug through my purse for change and I think found $1.04. I think I cheated the system because I def stuffed more than two pieces of candy in my purse 🙂 Then I went on my way to find Alicia and started eating some sugar gummy things. The funny thing is is that this would have been before New Years, so before we started no-sugar January, which I probably why I didn’t stop myself this time.

After I woke up at noon today, I decided to lay back down after an hour. This time, I dreamed about making a pan of little smore thing (it was like a little piece of graham cracker, a chocolate chip and a mini marshmallow). There was also rocky road ice cream involved. Halfway through eating them, I realized what I was doing, but for some reason kept pulling the “only one more” until they were all gone…whoops! I justified the ice cream bc of my sore throat haha. Sheesh!

I still haven’t eaten much in the past 24 hours, still not feeling great. We went to La Fiesta last night for dinner. Probably not the best thing for my sore throat, but it didn’t seem to bother it. Going out broke our unwritten rule of not eating out this month, but at least it wasn’t fast food. M went back to work this morning and had a fever when he left. Hopefully, we’ll both get back to feeling better soon so I can start cooking some real meals! I have to work 7 hours tonight, but have tomorrow and Thursday off. I plan to rest, rest & rest!

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2 Responses to Sweet Dreams…Literally [Jan.3]

  1. John "Bingo Jacket" Plevka says:

    Yech. Hope you guys can shake the crud.

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