Strep Week 2k12

M and I are finally getting over being home sick all week (he stayed home from work 3 days, which neverr happens). I probably should have stayed home after finding out the results from M’s doctor’s appointment on Thursday. He found out that he did indeed have strep. While I never got tested, I am guessing that’s what I had too since I was sick a few days before him. By Friday though, I was feeling better, and since I am cheap, decided not to spend the $35 to go to the doctor and declare that I had unofficial strep 🙂

Mine started when I woke up on Sunday-my throat hurt a little, but it felt like allergies. I went to work anyway and somehow survived an 8-hour shift (made time & a half, so I’m not complaining!). I came home feeling horrible and had a fever of 100.6. One day maybe I’ll learn to take time off when I have a fever (think a full day of nrhh interviews three years ago with like a 103 temp…yikes, Han!)…one day. I woke up on Monday with no fever and it stayed that way the rest of the week. My throat was sore (strep hint no. 1, yo), but didn’t burn or hurt or anything unbearable, so I basically ignored it. We got Mexican for dinner Monday night haha.

M went back to work Tuesday (he had had Monday off), but had a fever at work. He had a fever for three days until he got meds. We’re both doing much better, but we’re still pretty congested. I’d take a stuffy nose over a sore throat any day though.

Today marks surviving the first week of No-Sugar January! It was pretty easy this week since we didnt have much of an appetite for most of it. I refrained from buying candy which was the only thing that sounded appealing at one point. I also refrained from getting us milkshakes, however I did text M at one point and asked if we could extend N-SJ to Feb 3 and get milkshakes. He said no, but I did seriously consider it since nothing else tasted good. I didn’t want to eat any canned soup this week, but obvs gave into that. I did pay the extra 50 cents for Progresso over campbells. Both are high in sodium, but I figured Progresso has better ingredients, and I bought light, aol that counts for something, right? We weren’t going to drink sugary drinks this month either, but I figured we weren’t (okay, maybe just me) getting enough liquids, so we drank a ton of gatorade. It’s gone now, so I don’t plan on buying anymore.

Since I have an appetite again, I’ve been trying to come up with some healthy snacks. My new fave is sunflower seeds and raisins. I think I used to eat this as a kid. So good! I have been trying to eat more yogurt lately anyway, so I’ve been grabbing one when I want something sweet. I don’t like low-fat yogurt, so I do just eat normal, however, the yoplait that I eat has 50% of my daily calcium, and I don’t get calcium from anywhere else, so it’s win-win! Haha.

Cutting out sweets has definitely been challenging so far because I crave cookies after any meal (and dad was eating one after lunch yesterday), but I’ve just been sucking it up and not giving in. I think these next three weeks will fly just like any other month. I am looking forward to my Feb 1st brownies (that craving could change in the next few weeks) though!

M took down our Christmas decorations yesterday 😦 Next year I might decorate before thanksgiving so I can enjoy them longer. We had our tree for at least a month, but it seriously only felt like a week or so. Also, mom & Helen get home from San Antonio today!

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