40 Hours

We are 40 hours in to No-Sugar January! It’s going fairly well, but helps that until a few minutes ago, I hadn’t eaten for about 22 hours 😦 I had a fever all last night and while that’s now gone, my throat is sore and nothing has sounded good to eat. I just ate a bowl of Chex Mix (yes, I know, a weird thing to eat with a sore throat, but it sounded good!).

We came over to my parents’ house this afternoon to do some laundry before  M goes back to work tomorrow. There are lots of Christmas goodies sitting around (including an open pack of chocolate covered cherries sitting rightttt next to me), but we are fighting temptation! Luckily, we don’t have much candy back at our place.

This is the best part of this challenge so far…I have dreamed about eating sweets the past two nights 🙂 (Hannah? Dream about what’s going on in her life?? Nooo way!) Two nights ago, I dreamed that I went to grab a donut and then realized I couldn’t have it. Last night, I dreamed that I put half a cupcake in my mouth and started chewing it then realized what I had done hahaha.

Thanks for all of the comments/helpful tips from my last post! Feel free to keep them comin’!

[this is a picture of all the sweets I’ve eaten in the past 40 hours!]

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