No-Sugar January

A few months ago, Pioneer Woman posted about challenging herself to not eat sweets for a while (I think it was a month, I’m not sure). I don’t think she posted many updates, so I don’t think it was as successful as she planned. Back then, I got the idea in my head that I wanted to try doing that, however September was out (I think that was the month she did it and the month was halfway through), no October (Halloween candy), no November (pumpkin pie) and deffff not December (Christmas goodies, duhh), so I decided January would be the perfect month! (February-chocolate, March…St. Patty’s Day candy?, April-Easter, etc etc).

Now, I have never been one to be healthy. I wouldn’t say I’m unhealthy, but I’ve never made a conscious effort to watch or care what I eat. I eat m&ms when I want, I grab a cookie (or two) if I want, and if I don’t want to dirty an extra dish, I won’t cook vegetables for dinner (that and I always forget that I need to eat them!). I asked M if he would participate in No-Sugar January and he agreed. We both have big sweet tooths-he eats more candy when it’s just sitting out and I’m more of a cookie/cake kinda gal.

I don’t really think I have an end outcome to this goal, I basically just want to see if I can do it. I think that with M doing it along with me will make it a little easier. Also, since time seems to be flying faster than ever now, I feel that this will be a good way to make the month drag on (what I keep telling my self)! I don’t know if I am mentally prepared to do this-I haven’t had an m&m for at least a week and my Christmas Hershey kisses, Mike & Ikes and candy cakes are setting out tempting me and all day yesterday, I was thinking about the things I needed to cram in before the clock struck midnight! I ended up having one last Christmas cookie, a chocolate covered cherry & peppermint ice cream 🙂

I know this is going to be wayy difficult-after every meal, I always crave something sweet. We are not going to go completely sugar free, just giving up basic sweets- cookies/brownies/cake/ice cream, candy & soda (which is going to be hard because after being basically caffeine-free for almost two years, I’ve re-discovered my love for fountain cherry coke). I’ve decided to allow like banana bread (one of M’s coworker’s mom’s made some a few weeks ago and I decided it could be a good treat that’s now too unhealthy). Here’s where I need some help-how can I satisfy my sweet tooth without sugar? I suppose I could eat apples and clementines and also yogurt (I need my calcium since I won’t be able to make my hot chocolate or cappuccino with milk). I already know that I do not like sugar-free snacks, so I’m not even going to try those. If you have any suggestions, pleeease leave me a comment!

It is about 110 minutes into the month and I don’t know how I’m feeling about this. Like I said, I’m already missing the things I know I can’t have. I don’t have any cravings right now, but it is 1:40 a.m. I plan on blogging throughout the month to keep track of how it all goes. Getting a Kitchenaid for Christmas definitely isn’t going to help! I guess I’ll just spend the month experimenting with breads and stuff (I’ve never cooked with yeast, so any advice here is also welcome). I know that I have one birthday party this month, so it’ll be hard to turn down a piece (…or two) of cake, but I’m determined to say no! [ughhh they just mentioned jelly beans on Pretty Little Liars *Homer Simpson drooling noises]

Anyway, please leave me snack ideas and encouragement to help get successfully through the next 31 days (there are 31 days in January right?…maybe I should have chosen February haha!).

Oh! And happy 2012 to all!

No more cupcakes this month!

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10 Responses to No-Sugar January

  1. kati says:

    maybe you can substitute honey in things you bake? also there’s always splenda. That’s not sugar right?

  2. hkschulte says:

    ooh honey is a good idea…however, splenda is nastyyyy

  3. BrinaWitko says:

    So are you just doing no-sweets? or no sugar in the product at all? I think I might try this no-sweets thing. I have a bridesmaids dress that I need to fit into by April, and this might help out with that!

    • hkschulte says:

      Def just no sweets!! But also watching sugar (like I’m guessing that a banana in banana bread outweighs the one cup of sugar haha…or at least that’s what I’m telling myself!).

      You should try it-keep us posted if you do!

  4. J. Boykin says:

    Good call on cutting out the sugar…it’s hard at first to give up soda, but I think it’s one of those challenges that gets easier with time…good luck!

  5. Life Coach says:

    I don’t eat sweets really at all so here is a list of things that I eat in order to satisfy my sweet tooth!

    Sugar free pudding (it’s great frozen)
    Frozen yogurt
    Yogurt with granola
    Dried fruit

    Good luck!

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