CSPA Friends


I decided that I am way lucky that my closest friends from grad school live in bloomington-normal! It took me a while to become close to these amigos (I wasn’t really close to anyone during my first year), but I am glad that eventually we did since I really have no other friends around here (most of my eiu friends live near Chicago…boo you guys!).

I have been friends with Dave from day one-we set next to each other at grad days (almost 3 years ago…sheesh!) and then we had all grad classes together. Julie and I were always friendly in class and I think we became better friends when we hung out with the others. Also, I watched her kitties for a week last summer. Becky and I became closer through DoS during our second year and also through SPYPLN. I think Sara and I became friends while planning SPYPLN and then became better friends this summer when we would talk online all day while she was at work and I was sitting on the couch doing nothing.

I don’t get to see these people very often…they have jobs and school…and the last time we got together was in July sometime. We decided that it had been too long, especially since we live so close (they are all in BN and I am 20 mins away), so we set a holiday get-together date, which was tonight (well, last night-it’s now 12:04 a.m.). We met at becky’s and each brought a dish for dinner (i made cheesey broccoli rice casserole and cupcakes from scratch). After dinner, we played Sequence (which, per usual, I failed at catching a winning move because I have zero concentration haha, but made up for it on my next turn) and Uno, including a game that lasted like 3 hours. We then just sat around and talked, mostly reminiscing on the past two years.

We all have a great time when we get together and I am grateful that I have such great friends in the area 🙂 I need them to never move so I can always have friends nearby!

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