So That Happened

I’m back. I don’t know where I’ve been, no where really, but I’m back now! I’ve missed just writing about things that are happening in my life, so my goal is to upload more pictures and write about them! Let’s go.

We went to a wedding this weekend.


lookin’ snazzy!

I am turning into an old lady. I get cold real easily these days, so always make sure to grab a cardigan or my columbia or something to put on if I get chilly. Saturday was no exception. I grabbed my black cardigan to take into the ceremony. I actually didn’t need it, it was quite warm in the room. Sooo that’s a good thing because when we drove to the reception, I went to grab my cardigan and realized I’d been carrying around a pair of black gauchos. What?! Yes, this happened. I have no idea how (I’m guessing after I changed into my dress I threw my clothes in the backseat. I guess my cardigan had been out of my bag as well and I grabbed the pants instead). I balled the cardigan pants up and stuck them in my bag for the ceremony so I didn’t even notice. What an icebreaker that would have been had I been cold in the church and gone to put on my sweater. Ridic!

This is why I need to blog more! So I can relive all of these hilarious moments of my life!

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One Response to So That Happened

  1. John Plevka says:

    That story gets funnier every time I hear it. Ma Ma P is having a good little giggle about it, I’m totally sure.

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