Happy Anniversary, Lena Rae!

One year ago today, we adopted our sweet baby girl Lena Rae (yes that rhymes, no I did not intentionally do that). It took us a few days to decide on a name and, because I’m mostly lazy, we decided to keep her shelter name, which was Lena. We figured that it went along well with her sissy’s name, Lily! Lena is hilarious. She keeps us laughing most of the time!

I went on my facebook yesterday to look at Lena’s baby pics. Then I realized, they’d never been posted! I told my mom this & she said that’s how it works with the second-born haha. Whoops! I went and posted a bunch this morning because she was too cute not to share them.

Here are a few things about Miss Lena:

-She loves to play. Her new favorite toy is a sparkly pom-pom ball. She will carry it everywhere (when it’s not lost under something)! There were a few nights in a row a few weeks ago that she would start playing with it in the middle of the night on the bed (actually, I woke up one morning and she was batting my fingers and I realized she was trying to get the ball). I ended up having to take it and put it under my pillow until it was time to wake up. She’ll play with feathers on string toys too, but these sparkly balls are her fave! She likes to play with her sister too…well, her sister likes to play (ermmtorment) with her.


loves that ball 


earlier this week, I don’t even know where those paper towels came from!

-She loves to eat. Yup, after we switched them off kitten food and put them on adult (wahhhhhh) food, we took them off that only after about a month and switched them to science diet light. I don’t know what a kitten is supposed to weigh, but at 10 months she weighed almost 11 pounds I think. She was getting pretty chunky! Since we’ve switched the food, she’s definitely slimmed down (or at least grew more into her body). We give her wet food as a treat (or for meds) (Lil won’t eat it), but usually just give her the crunchies. She also loves treats. I taught her to sit by using treats 🙂


favorite way to sit, silly girl!

-She will snuggle when she wants. It’s not too often you can get her to calm down, but there will be times that she’ll snuggle up next to you. So sweet!!

-She still, um…., nurses herself. haha! Yes! It’s true. She’s been doing this since we adopted her and it’s so weird because her mom was still around her when we got her, so it’s not like she didn’t get the lovins that she needed from momma before we adopted her. But, when she’s getting ready to nap or go to sleep (not all the time, but still lots), she’ll get comfortable and, well, suckle her own nip. It’s actually super cute, but it makes the grossest sucking/squeaking noise. Then her whole mouth/belly is wet and it’s nasty. The vet says it doesn’t look like it’s harming her, so we’ve never tried to stop. When I picked her up from getting declawed, the nurse looked at me and said, “um, so at home, does she um…” and she didn’t even have to finish before I said, “…yup!”


annnd this

-She costs us lots o money in flea meds & antibiotics, but I still love her. We had fleas/worms last fall and treated them through the winter. Then earlier this spring I noticed she was holding her paw up and there was a little bump on it. I remembered that a few weeks earlier I’d thought she’d touched my hot, flat iron. When Lil had her one-year check-up, I took Le in with to have it looked at. Ended up having to put her on antibiotics for two weeks. (That was fun) and expensive. She still has a little bump, dr thinks it’s a scab. Sometimes she’ll still hold that paw up though, but doesn’t seem to bother her.

She’s my baby! I love her! and her sis too of course!


Mother’s Day, 2013

Happy 1st Anniversary, Le!


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2 Responses to Happy Anniversary, Lena Rae!

  1. toniegirl says:

    Precious! Mine is 11 this month!

  2. soffk7 says:

    This post is really interesting. Thanks for writing it! I read it with great pleasure. And your cats… They look so cute. ❤ so umm.. Happy anniversary to ur Lena :))) Can u follow me on bloglovin? I`ll follow ya back too and will find more when u post new things. Thanks :))

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