High Five for Friday: Lena Edition!

Today I’m linking up with Lauren  for High Five for Friday! Happy Friday! Yay!

I don’t know if this is allowed…but I’m changing my H54F from highlights of my week to my Top 5 pictures of my kitty Lena over the past year. Yes, one year ago today, we adopted this sweet little girl (anniversary post to follow!).

Let’s be real, it’s impossible to narrow it down to the top 5 pics, but these are definitely a few of my favorites!

6_281. THIS FACE! She was sitting on me, sniffing my leg & apparently did not like the smell. She was making the face of disgust (we call it “jungle mouth”) and somehow I captured this gem and can relive it over and over. This has got to be the most hilarious picture of her. Ever.

2. Yup, she is one of “those” cats who likes laying on her back. Every morning she’ll lay at the end of the bed and when I start to wake up, she’ll stretcccccch and roll on her back like this. She loves some belly rubs!

3. She loves water and playing in the tub. This picture is the first time I turned on the tub faucet for her. Now she’ll jump in the tub when I’m getting ready to shower and will sit and bat at the water as the tub starts to fill up. I always have to wait for her to get out of the way before turning on the shower head. Stinker!

4. THIS FACE. She just looks very perplexed. and it’s hilarious (prob up there as the 2nd funniest face)

5. In this one, she just looks so sweet. She was snuggling with her dada one morning. I need to go home an hug her right meow!

Other contenders:

Of course I couldn’t pick just five. These are a few other faves!


She laid on me like this for like more than an hour one evening! Those toes!!


She has always been very un-ladylike. Her favorite way to lay is with her hind legs sticking out behind her (saw a pic of her real sister on fb recently and she was laying with her hind legs straight behind, they’re def related!)

Sorry for breaking the rules, but you’re over it because these pics are all good ones!

 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

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