Quick Magnets

For some reason I don’t really have many magnets. I always end up sticking a ton of stuff under one & obvs it doesn’t hold very well. My mom bought me these super cute puffy kitty stickers at the party store. I couldn’t figure out what to do with them until I realized I could easily turn them into magnets!


Cute kitty stickers!

You can easily just cut out paper for the backs, or stick them onto paper and cut around them. Since my Cricut is still new and exciting, I had to cut out one-inch circles.


Cutting circles

Then you just stick the stickers onto the paper. I have a roll of magnet that is sticky on one side, so I just cut it into pieces and stuck it to the backs of the paper.


magnet on back

And actually, a few of the stickers have fallen off. You could easily add some extra glue or little scrapbook adhesive squares to give it some extra stick.


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