What’s That? Wednesday: George

Do you own a George Foreman? Do you love it?

We hadn’t busted ours out for a while, I almost forgot we had one! On Monday, M had a game, so I decided to marinate myself some chicken and grill it on George (I’m to chicken to grill it on a real grill…). I ended up going to the game that night, so I thawed a piece for M too and cooked it up last night.


Grilled chicken, pineapple & provolone on sourdough

The whole sandwich was made on George. I grilled the chicken, grilled the pineapple, then built the sandwiches and threw the whole thing on there. Delish! and so easy. I gotta remember to use this machine more often.

Before we get to the What’s That? Wednesday poll…I gotta share some pics of these cuties.


This is Lily, my sweetie


This is Lena, our…special…kinten

bahahaha that picture cracks me up every time. She was “jungle-mouthing”…which is totes a Plevka term (could write a whole book on plevka kitty terminology). Basically, it’s the face they make when they smell something funny. She’d been sniffing my leg and I somehow caught this gem.

Back to our normal programming. Today’s question is a pretty easy one. Do you own a George Foreman grill? We love it for chicken & burgers. Do you have anything in particular you like to cook on it? Share with me in the comments!


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3 Responses to What’s That? Wednesday: George

  1. I don’t have a george forman, but my old roommate did, we used to use that thing all the time. I used to get those patties of the chopped beef or pork (I forget their actual name) from the meat section at the store, whatever was on sale, and serve it with some brown gravy over it. delicious. When I was single and on my own I owned a NewWave oven and used to to make EVERYTHING.

  2. ^pardon my extra “to”

  3. we do and we love it! use it multiple times weekly. chicken, sandwiches, quesadillas you name it!

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