The Secret To: The Perfect Smoothie

Here is the very first “secret” post! Hooray!

I think I’ve discovered the secret to the perfect smoothie. You know how when you make a smoothie with ice, not all of the ice crushes like you want it to and eventually the ice melts leaving your smoothie watery? Yes? Yes you do? Well! I’ve found the solution!

Frozen Fruit

[I do recognize that I am most likely not the first person ever to discover this, just throwin’ that out there…but maybe!]

Using frozen fruit gives a smoothie such a nice texture, it all blends together nicely and there are no random ice chunks.

I’m prob no expert on freezing fruit, but it’s not that hard. I sliced up some strawberries and bananas and put them on a cookie sheet, making sure they weren’t touching (for the most part, we all know I’m no perfectionist) and popped them into the freezer. Once frozen, you can make a smoothie right there, or throw them into a zip-lock baggie for future use. Super easy. Super delish. Now, here’s my recipe (do we really need a smoothie recipe?) for my perfect smoothie:

I have the Kohl’s brand of a Magic Bullet. I love it. I’m sure a blender would work just fine, these are just so much easier for single servings.


Throw in the frozen fruit


Add a container of yogurt (I use Yoplait, you can really use any flavor)


Pour some juice on top. I usually use Dole Orange Strawberry Banana, I’ve also used pineapple juice. You could probs use milk too.


Blend it up!


You may need to add some more fruit and a little more juice once most of it is blended to make just a little more




Throw it in a cup & you’re good to go. These cup actually have a gel that you can freeze to keep drinks colder for longer.

I’m not daredevil enough to try throwing spinach or oats or anything weird into my smoothies. The most daring I am was using a light yoplait yogurt instead of a regular last week 🙂 I’m pretty picky when it comes to fruit, so tend to not stray far from this (sometimes I use vanilla yogurt instead of strawberry…yup). Smoothies are so easy and perfect, especially for these hot summer days. Do you have any favorite smoothie recipes? Share them with me!

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