Hannah’s Smorgasbord Burrito Enchiladas

I’m not one to throw my own recipes together. The most adventurous I get when cooking is leaving salt out of the recipe. Last week I wanted some Mexican, but couldn’t figure out what to make until I saw this recipe from Betty Crocker. I already had chicken in the crock pot at home, so after a quick trip to the store, I was ready to put this together.


Burrito Enchiladas

You really don’t need much to make these.


General Ingredients

The Betty recipe called for Hamburger Helper Asian Chicken Fried Rice. That’s weird (some of the reviews on the site said it was good, some said it was too Asiany). I used a Knorr’s Spanish Rice. It only takes like 7 minutes to cook, so that’s awesome. Once the rice was cooked, I threw the corn, half a can of beans, some salsa and the shredded chicken right into the rice. Next time I might season the chicken as it was cooking, but it was fine without.


Stir it all together

Then take some tortillas and fill them burrito style! I had a pack of 8, so still had some filling leftover, but you could always put in more than I did.


Filling on tortilla


Burrito style

And this is where your burrito turns into an enchilada. Pour enchilada sauce on and sprinkle with cheese!


Burrito –> Enchilada


Bake until cheese is melted



My mouth is watering just thinking about these again. It made great leftover for the next few days. Seriously, this is the easiest dinner, it took less than 30 minutes.

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