VoxBox: Osis Dust It

I think I’ve mentioned how excited I was to receive each product, but this one for real was what I was most excited about. I spend basically zero dollars on hair products. When I do buy something I always buy suave. I think I have suave hairspray, volumizing mousse, regular mousse (is there a different between the two?? probably not) and a heat protector spray and really I hardly use any of them. So when I received this Osis Dust It I was excited because a. it was a real brand b. it is something I would not normally buy c. it was something I have been wanting to try.

What this is is a volumizing powder. Thankfully Kate has a tutorial on her blog about using a powder texturizer. Basically all you do is sprinkle a bit throughout your hair (and I do mean a bit- a little goes a long way here!) and then kind of rub it in (I flip my head upside down when I do this).


Osis Dust It


Dust It Volumizing Powder

I don’t know how this works, but it does! Kind of gives you the volume of a tease tease without having to backcomb your hair. The texture of the powder is kind of weird. It was sticky? I guess? in my hair. Kind of felt like a lot of hairspray. This didn’t bother me though.

The one thing I didn’t like about it was how it made my hair feel the day after. It was kind of nice on day two because, even after shampooing & conditioning, it still gave me some extra volume. However, for a few days after, my hair felt funny. The only word I can think to describe it was squeaky. I couldn’t get my straightener to run smoothly through my hair for a few days. I do think that maybe the first few times I used it, I prob used too much. I used it again last Thursday & didn’t seem to have as much as the same issues this time.

You can see in the after pictures how the powder gave my hair some extra fluffiness without adding too much volume. It holds pretty well throughout the day. I didn’t add any extra product.


Before (good hair day, hooray!


After (better hair day, hooray!)



I will use this product occasionally, but definitely every day because of the weird texture it leaves my hair. I’ll save it for good hair days for work and special occasions. Not sure if I’ll buy this again (I did get a coupon in my VoxBox, I’m not sure how much the original price is though). If I do decide to buy more I may buy one of the other brands. I feel like this will probably last me a while though (let’s be real, probably forever) since, again, a little of it does go a long way.

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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