VoxBox: NYC Applelicious Lip Balm

When I think of the NYC brand, I usually think of 16 years olds. This really isn’t a brand that I buy these days, but I was excited to try this lip balm.


NYC Applelicious Lip Balm

A few months ago, I decided that it was time for me to grow up and start wearing some lipstick. I bought a Maybelline Color Whisperers in a very light pink. I was excited that the NYC Applelicious had some tint in it!

Really, I’m a chapstick girl. I’ve gotta have my chapstick with me 24/7 (aka legit addicted, I always have to have it on my lips). The NYC balm had a similar feel to when I have chapstick on, so I liked that a lot. It wasn’t sticky like some lipsticks. However, it doesn’t last very long. It did not pass my 30-minute-drive-to-work test. When I got to work I felt like I already needed to put some more on (but, that may just be me always having to have something on my lips!). I haven’t noticed how long the tint stays on. I’ve never brought the balm with me, I just put some on before I leave and then switch to my chapstick for the rest of the day.

I liked the color that I received, which I believe was Big Apple Red. I would never buy red lipstick, but this color is nice because it’s definitely not a red red. I don’t think the color lasts too long, but if you reapply during the day for color, you’ll be fine.

And now: here are the two most awkwardess pictures I’ll ever post on my  blog.


nothing on my lips (well besides some leftover chapstick, obvs)


NYC Applelicious Big Apple Red

Can you even see a difference? I think you can see in the bottom that it’s a little glossy with just a little tint.

I don’t know if I’ll buy this product again. For a cheap balm, I like it. And, I’m a cheap person, so I take that back, I may buy it again sometime. I’d probably choose a pink tone instead of the red though. I do like that I got to try something that I wouldn’t normally buy!

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes

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