VoxBox: Broadway Impress Nails

The name of these press-on nails is Broadway Impress which is fitting because the one word that best describes this product is impressed. Seriously, I have gotten so many compliments over the past two weeks. Yes! Two weeks! I put the nails on Wednesday, May 22 and today is Tuesday, June 4 and most of the nails are still on (and by most I mean I’ve started picking at them).

I didn’t have high hopes for these. I’ve never used fake nails (besides getting acrylics for my wedding, so it doesn’t count). I’ve always kind of wanted to, but have never wanted to spend the money on them. Since my new obsession is nail polish and making my nails look good, I was pretty excited to receive these.

The nails are super easy to apply! They come in a cute nail polish bottle.


Broadway Impress Press-On Nails

I believe there were 24 nails in 12 sizes. Picking out the right ones was kind of annoying just because there were so many to choose from and it was kind of hard to compare and remember which one fit better. I love the cute packaging, I’d also love if they were laid out with their pairs so you could compare 12 instead of having a mess of 24.


all of the nails laid out


the 10 I picked out

Applying the nails was so easy. You can kind of see the little plastic tabs on the nails above. All you had to do was pull that off and stick them on. No glue, no nothing. It did come with an alcohol pad to clean your nails. I did my left hand first and put the nails on…then forgot to swipe the right hand. Oh wellz.


prep pad

It literally did not take 10 minutes to put these babies on. I’m, again, so impressed with how nice they looked.


left hand


left hand


right hand


right hand

You can kind of see how the nail didn’t perfectly fit my right-hand thumb. I think I have really weird shaped nails. Some of the nails weren’t wide enough (and one was barely long enough, my left-hand thumbnail stuck out just a tad), but it wasn’t noticeable.

I was a little bummed that Wednesday night when I went up to bed & noticed one nail had fallen off (no clue where it fell off, it will probably turn up as a cat toy in a few months).



But! No fear! I had 14 more nails (which I won’t use since those sizes won’t match my nails, so I guess they’ll go to waste), so I just replaced it with one of those.

I had a few tests:

Dishes- passed!

Contacts- mmm I did tear a contact and I kind of blame the nails, but only once, so maybe it wasn’t

Pool/Chlorine- booo I haven’t gotten in the pool for almost 3 weeks! ridic! So I didn’t get to test that one out

Opening soda cans- passed!

A few days later, the nail on my right-hand index finger fell off. I think because it was too big (the corner had stuck on my skin). I replaced that one too and it fell off a bit later. I’m wondering if that nail was too bumpy (oh! I did buff my nails first to make them smooth, so maybe that was it?). I didn’t replace it because I didn’t think the nails would last much longer. I was wrong.

Since the tips don’t really touch the tip of my real nail, I could still kind of use my real nails when I wanted/needed. Sometimes crumbs or whatever got stuck in between the two, but nothing a paperclip can’t scrape out.


space between nails

I did jam my left-hand thumb into a seatbelt on Sunday, May 26 and it cracked a bit like a real nail would. However, it wasn’t painful or annoying, so I didn’t let it bother me.


tiny thumbnail crack (can’t even tell, can ya!)

Obvs the nails grew out with my own nails, and they’re looking pretty rough now. I also started picking at the nails, so they got kind of jagged (but remember, this was like two weeks after I put them on!).


grown out


my nails grow a lot in 2 weeks I feel!


tiny crack in pinky nail (bottom corner)

I think the color I received were the color “Joyride.” The purple is definitely more close to the last few pictures (the first pictures look more pink, but they’re for sure purple).

The nails peel off pretty easily. It also says that you can use nail polish remover, but I haven’t tried that yet.

I definitely recommend these! There is a $1 off coupon on the website, so I know I’ll be using that to get them again. I seriously got so many compliments from the ladies at work and from random people (including the guy that took my parking money yesterday at ISU, that was weird! haha). These are much cheaper (I think? they’re like 6 or 7 bucks) than a manicure and I got two weeks out of them.

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes

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One Response to VoxBox: Broadway Impress Nails

  1. jocelynd123 says:

    Wow, I cannot believe you were able to wear them for 14 days! That is true commitment!

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