And this is why…

I don’t work out. Ugh. Tonight since it was so lovely out, I decided to take a runwhatyoucan/walktherest. Everything was going pretty good. And then as I was running (yup!) a bug flew into my mouth (yup!). I’m pretty sure I swallowed him (he deserves it). Somehow I managed to keep running through this ordeal (for like 6 more seconds). I strangely got over that pretty fast. Even though it’s disgusting there was nothing I could do. Fast forward like 10 minutes and I’m walking home. I turn the corner to get onto my street and wiiiiipe out. And I fell hard. All the way down, not a catch-yourself-halfway down, it was all the way…in front of a guy at a stop sign on a motorcycle. Mmmyup so I had to just get up fast and carry on. I know have a decent bump and bruise on my knee, hoping it turns into a good bruise as I haven’t had one of those in a while. If it is a good bruise no doubt I’ll post a pic! Just felt this story was too good not to tell. Happy Tuesday night I guess!

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