VoxBox: Secret Outlast

I was super excited when I opened my VoxBox and this deodorant was in the box. I was excited because this is the deodorant that I have been using for quite a few years now. I guess I should have been bummed that I received a product I already use, but now I have an extra that I can put in my pool bag (aka a bathroom drawer at my parents’).

I clearly love this deodorant because I’ve been using it for however many years. And I say clearly because it’s a clear gel. I don’t remember the last time I wore a regular white kind, but I know that they’re two totally different products, one I love, one I hate.

Secret Outlast does still sometimes leave white marks, but never anything like a regular deo. I don’t think I’ve ever changed a shirt because of white marks when wearing this, either in the pits or somewhere else on the shirt. I know I’ve def gotten it on the shirt before and, while it doesn’t dry clear, it doesn’t leave a super-noticeable mark.

Another issue I’ve had with white deodorants is the scents. I used to like the baby powder smell, and then I realized how strong that was (then mixed with BO, yikes). I like Secret Outlast because it comes in unscented! I really prefer the unscented one, but I think the one I’m using right now is Completely Clean. I don’t mind this one because it’s not overpowering and I can’t smell it unless I stick my nose right up in there.

On the container (is it a deodorant container?) it says “Keep it Fresh 48 hours”…I’m guessing that means it stays  on for 48 hours? mmm I wouldn’t trust nor try that. But I do know that unless you’re out and about being active (aka sweating), a few swipes in the morning will get you through the day.

The container itself lasts a while. I can’t compare it to anything else, but I know that I only buy deodorant a few times a year. Also, I know at like Walmart they sell it in a two-pack for a little (like a few cents) cheaper, so that’s usually what I get. I feel like it is one of the pricier deodorants on the shelf, but I think you can get coupons for it as well (I know the P&G saver had some in there just yesterday).


Secret Outlast Deodorant

All-in-all, I really do like this deodorant. I’ve heard you should switch your deo up because your body gets used to just one, but I’ve had this one for many years now and will continue to buy it.


I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes

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