What’s That? Wednesday: Memorial Day

What did you do this past Memorial Day? Was it hot & sunny where you are? Or was it nasty & rainy like it was here? Such a bummer it rained the whole weekend & we couldn’t spend the weekend in the pool?

I spent most of the weekend in Morton while M worked 😦 booo. Sunday, we did the tradish brats & dogs while watching the Indy 500. Then, M’s sister came up and I went to the Chiefs game with her, my nephews and her husband.  M even moved all of up to a suite, so that was sweet!!


Me & my nephew

On Sunday, M & I woke up and went to Busy Corner for breakfast. Deeelish!! Then he left for work and I accidentally took a three hour nap. It turned into three hours because these cuties were snuggled up with me.


snuggly bugglies

I went to Morton and hung out with these cuties too.


cutie patooties

Some people braved the pool. It wasn’t the pool that was cold, but the air getting out was! I was not one of them.




Today’s poll: How did you spend Memorial Day this year?

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