What’s That? Wednesday: Bully

It’s that time again, What’s That? Wednesday! Actually, I skipped last week and the week before was on a Thursday, so I guess this is technically the first one. Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve actually be super busy at work, which is usually when I write posts since we don’t have internet at home.

This week’s question is “Have you seen the documentary Bully?” Helen came over early this morning, we got Casey’s donuts and coffee, and then we watched this movie I’d rented over the weekend. I’d heard of it before and have been wanting to see it since it was released, so when I saw it at FV on Sunday I had to get it (also, I had received a dormancy call, so got a free rental & have half off for two weeks…does that make me a bad former employee that I guess I haven’t rented anything in 3 months??).

I really enjoyed it. It was hard to watch at points and it’s sometimes so hard to believe that this is such a huge issue. So my question for you is, have you watched it? Did you like it or learn anything from it? Feel free to leave any comments with more thoughts!

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One Response to What’s That? Wednesday: Bully

  1. Julie Veile says:

    Yes, I have seen it. I found it very difficult to watch at times, but was not surprised by it as I was bullied pretty badly as was C. I think I learned some things from it, but I think it was most helpful to talk with my mom about it because she didn’t really know that I was being bullied. The bus part totally hit the nail on the head to me. Thoughts?
    – Julie

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