The Office Goodbye

Last night a little piece of my life ended. It was The Office series finale. This had been a long time coming (probs should have ended when Steve Carell left the show), but once it finally got closer to May 16th, I decided I was not ready to let go.

I wish I could say that I watched the show from the very beginning, but I didn’t (I just had to look back to see when the first episode was-the pilot aired just before I graduated high school!). I don’t remember the first episode that I saw, but I do remember sitting in the basement during an EIU spring break catching up on old episodes. It must have been my sophomore break, so in 2007 they would have already been in season three. I just remember falling in love with this silly show down in the basement.

This show was more than just a show to me…I finally had an answer to the question, “What’s your favorite tv show?” When I was in high school, I remember never knowing how to answer that question. I think my go-to answer was The Simpsons. But once I started The Office, I was hooked.

I own every season but 8 (and, well, 9 now…we’ll wait until Black Friday to pick those up! last year we got 7 for like 12 bucks or something awesome) and can pretty much tell you what season anything happened in. As I was thinking back last night, I really don’t think I have a favorite episode. One of my top faves is definitely Benihana Christmas. I also always loved the episode in season 2 when Jim had everyone over to his house and also, of course, Michael & Jan’s dinner party. I’m thinking that last night’s finale also ranks up there pretty high! I think that they did a great job with it.

At first, I wasn’t really digging how it was a year later, but I guess that makes sense with the documentary and how they are checking up on them (makes me feel like we should prob have an office reunion every year). I did not like that Kevin got fired (but I did like Dwight’s cake to him). However, that allowed them to bring Devin back!! hahaha Devin! from season one! who got fired when Creed talked Michael out of firing him haha.

I liked most of the middle (it was cute how Erin was reunited with her birth parents…mostly hilarious because she had no clue what was going on) and Dwight’s bachelor party was good (love how they brought in the stripper from Bob Vance’s bachelor party/the nurse who accepted the check for rabies research). Also hilarious? Meredith’s son at Angela’s bachelorette party hahaha. Perfection!

And then it was Dwight’s wedding day. And then Michael Scott showed up. How great. I seriously was believed all of the articles on the internet saying he wouldn’t be in it. I still held out a little hope, but honestly had kind of even forgotten about it possibly happening. I legit though Jim was going to make Mose the best man & Michael hadn’t crossed my mind haha!

I think what they did with Michael’s part was perfect. He got in a great “that’s what she said,” and then was basically his old self throughout the wedding. Showing him in the background dancing? Perfect. Showing pictures of his kids to Pam and Pam’s line about him having two cell phones to hold all of the pictures? Perfect. His line about Jim & Pam and Dwight & Angela- it’s like your kids marrying one another, every parents dream. Perfect. I don’t think there need to be any more Michael Scott and I’m glad that most of the episode was focused around Jim/Pam/Dwight.

hahaha and I just thought about Kelly & Ryan running off together (and leaving Ryan’s baby with Nelly, that was weird).

I liked the way the episode ended just with everyone hanging out. I feel like everyone’s stories were completed…although I’m still dying to know what happens next (except with Andy, his weirdo story could have ended a long time ago).

So, thank you, Office for being a part of my life for so many years. My Thursday nights will never be the same. I know I still have Parks and Rec and Modern Family to watch and use as my favorite tv shows, but neither of those are just not the same as The Office.

I had a random thought before bed last night. A few years ago I received the complete dvd series of I Love Lucy. I can only hope that someday I have a grandkid who asks for the complete series of The Office (and if they don’t ask for it, I’ll probs get it for them anyway).

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2 Responses to The Office Goodbye

  1. John Plevka says:

    Well put. One of my top 5 episodes is still the Valentine’s episode when Michael had to go to NYC to make a presentation to the new CEO, David Wallace. That was the first episode I ever saw in prime time and I was hooked. I didn’t exactly know what I was watching, but I knew I liked the people I was watching … and that I wanted more.

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