What’s That? Wednesday

Earlier this morning I had a random idea to start a new blog feature called “What’s That? Wednesdays” where I am going to ask a question as a poll to see what kinds of responses I get. Yes, yes, I realize today is Thursday (my Friday, actually! hooray!), but I this was something I was wondering this morning and decided I need answers now.

So…for the first poll ever…..Is it acceptable for me to wear scarves throughout the summer? Even if the general consensus is no, I’ll probably continue to do it (unless you leave a comment with ten reasons not to), but I am just wondering what your thoughts are. I love all of the scarves I have in my wardrobe, and when I wear them I feel fashiony (mmmyup). I love that how I can have on a plain t-shirt and throw on a scarf and feel dressed up. Take today for example:


black t-shirt & pretty scarf

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2 Responses to What’s That? Wednesday

  1. laurapatrice says:

    I love scarves! Wear them whenever you want, unless it’s too hot and you feel like you’re getting heat stroke or something. Unlikely. But you never know!

  2. davies1003 says:

    I was going back through your blog – missed this one! My thoughts on scarves in the summer – if it is like 80 degrees plus then I would personally find them a bit awkward. Who wants something wrapped around their neck when its a trillion degrees?? However, if it is cooler and under 80 then I don’t see why not. There are some light weight ones and they make a really cute accessory! So I think it depends on the particular day – wear them when it is cooler and tolerable to have stuff around your neck but leave it when it is really hot and humid because it will make you uncomfortable – heck, I would be uncomfortable just seeing a scarf on a hot day!

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