High Five For Friday

Another Friday! And I have the day off work-hooray! M & I are heading down to Jerseyville for our niece’s first dance recital & other family things, so we both took the day off. But first things first, I’m linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday!

5_101. I made belated Cinco de Mayo fajitas on Tuesday. They were amazing.

2. Helen & I went to Arts in the Park at the Peoria Courthouse on Tuesday because the Morton bands were playing. It was soo nice out and really hard to go into work afterwards.

3. I went to the Chiefs game with Jordan on Monday night. They won!

4. Iced coffees are my new thing…I’ve had 6? in the past 8 days. omgyum

5. Still can’t get over how funny this picture is. M went to take a picture of me & Helen at Arts in the Park. He couldn’t see the screen because of the sun, so had no clue what he was taking a picture of. Helen got home and went to look at the picture and this is what it was. The front-facing camera had been flipped on, but since he couldn’t see the screen, he had no idea.

Happy weekend!


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