High Five For Friday


Happy Friday! Today I’m linking up with Lauren for High Five For Friday.

1. I just couldn’t get over how lovely it was outside on Wednesday. Since I didn’t have to be at work until 1, I decided to make an iced coffee (for the first time!) and a bagel and take a book outside to read. It was hard to come inside and get ready for work.

2. A week ago we went to a Cardinals game with M’s aunt and uncle. We had fab seats and the Birds won. Always a good time!

3. Sorry for the graphic image. I took a less than 10-minute walk/run. I got home, took my shoes off, grabbed a glass of water and sat down on the couch before realizing my sock was soaked in blood. Gross.

4. Again, Wednesday was just so nice I was determined to spend more time outside after work. Brittney Spon and I went to the Chiefs game.

5. No week would be complete without a picture of these sweeties. Last night I poured them a midnight snack when I saw Lily was sitting by an empty bowl. They ate together for a while then later I looked over and Lena was still snacking. I looked at her and said “Do you really need to be doing that?” and she guiltily walked away from the bowl.

Have a great weekend!

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