The Secret To:

So! The day has finally come where I’ve named my blog!!! I’ve always been lame when it comes to coming up with naming things (think back to LJ…I just looked & my little headline was “This is my journal”…cool Han. Also, LJ hahah and now with this blog for the past two years it’s just been “Hannah’s Blog.”) So, yeah, never super creative.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while that I want to come up with a name and a redesign and just a new overall look and feel. I started off by thinking about what I try to write about most besides the random happenings in my life and came up with cookies [and other food], crafts and cat [duh]. But I didn’t like just that. Last week or so I finally had my Aha! moment. Often times, my mind thinks in blog titles-I’m always thinking about things I should post about and have often been going around saying, “I found the secret to…”. Then it clicked- I’ll name my blog The Secret To: and throw in cookies, crafts & cats. Hooray!

Not all of my posts are going to be secrets…but look forward to some good ones in the upcoming weeks 🙂 Your response to most of these “secrets” will be, “Um, duh, anyone knows that!” or “Really, Han?!” but let me have this. Other times, I may make real-life, first-time discoveries…we’ll see.

As an example, just this morning I discovered the secret to sitting outside and reading before work. The secret is to wait until after you’re done sitting out in the 80 degree heat for an hour to shower. I was literally a hot mess when I came back inside. This is no secret, but kitties also enjoy the sun:


Miss Lena love the sun


Miss Lilian is a sunbathing beauty

[On a side note, this morning was perfect. I actually woke up before 10, made an iced coffee, showered (dumb), then took my coffee, a bagel and a book outside and read for a good hour. Also got some sun and my hair air-dried super cute I didn’t even need to style it when I came inside. I can’t believe it’s supposed to be crummy again tomorrow.]

I’m also planning on keeping my Pinterest updated with what I post, so feel free to pin away when I post an amazing recipe or a really cute picture of the kitties (um, all of them). I created new boards just for posting things from my blog called The Secret To: Cookies, The Secret To: Crafts and The Secret To: Cats (obvs).

So, enjoy! and then check out this cute video of my kittens and then share it with your friends.

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