Small Things

Why do the weeks where you have a day off always seem to last forever? That’s how it feels for me this week, and not feeling good does not help. It also didn’t help that for some reason my alarm went off at 6:30 this morning. I guess I had it set for that time last week and just forgot to turn it off. It also didn’t help that my lovely kittens were climbing all over me and the bed making it hard for me to fall back asleep for an hour (but I got over that because they’re too cute and it’s actually hilarious). What’s not hilarious is one of them jumped up onto the window (Lena I’m looking at you, even though I didn’t actually look) and messed up the blinds so the sun was shining in. I lied, that’s still pretty cute and funny. It also doesn’t help that we have mini bagels this week, and, while cute and delicious, they’re a pain to get out of the toaster-aka I burnt my thumb pretty good (there’s a little blister right on my knuckle! it stings!). Of course, when I jumped as my thumb hit the hot spot, my arm went up and I smacked my wrist under the cabinet. This was all before 8:10.

As M and I were leaving Deer Creek on our way to work, I was grumbling in my head about how grumpy I was (Sara, you should be glad you aren’t at your computer today because I was ready to give you an earful…or eyeful since you’d be reading it?? when I got to work). There was this guy out taking a morning walk. He was walking sort of in the middle of the road (but really, not really, I think he was closer to the side, plus, I wasn’t even driving so why should I care where he’s walking, but I just needed another thing to grumble about). He looked like the Neighborhood Watch guy:

neighborhood-watch-imageSeriously! He had on a hat like that pulled down over his face and has his coat up around his neck. As we passed him, he waved. He waved! and it made all most of my grumbles disappear. I don’t know why, I guess it’s just refreshing to interact with someone so friendly so early (hah okay not really early, it was 8:40 by this time) in the morning. And it wasn’t even a real interaction, it was just a wave. Of course we both waved back (I love living in a town that waves-reminds me of my grandma’s small town in Kansas. Everyone waves to everyone!). It made my day though. I can’t really explain it, but it makes me smile when I think about it. So here’s my challenge to you on this cold Thursday: wave to someone today!

[I’m going to be deleting the neighborhood watch guy image from my desktop…I’ve always thought he was super creepy!]

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