Spring Fever…Literally

Happy first day of spring!…or not. I would throw in *crickets*…but they’re all frozen.

I woke up Monday morning with a slight fever 😦 I took some tylenol, went back to sleep and felt okay enough to go to work (my work day is only five hours long, I can handle that). When I got home, my temperature had gone back up. I decided that if I woke up Tuesday morning and still had a fever I’d stay home. I did just that. My temperature never went super high, but all I felt like doing was laying around all day. I did just that.

I used to be really good at not being sick! I never missed a day of school from 8th grade through most of senior year and never missed a class in college (woot woot!). I even sat through a day of NRHH interviews & selection with like a 102.5 fever (whoops…that was pretty miserable thinking back on it). But now I’ve taken two days off in the past three months because of little fevers. Oh well, I know my co-workers do not want me bringing in my germies.

I did nothing yesterday (which I guess is the purpose of a sick day). I played with my kitties-well, tried. Lena just wanted to nap. Then, I was playing with a ribbon with Lily on the bed and after a few minutes, she took the ribbon in her mouth and walked out of the room. Game over!


Lily…can I please watch Lucy?


Playtime! She played with this ball for at least 30 minutes.

I also watched a bunch of I Love Lucy. I didn’t have my computer to play Sims, but oh well. I’m feeling better today. I came into work at 9 to make up some of the hours I missed from yesterday. I thought the day would go by slowww, but it actually hasn’t. I’m not feeling 100%, but at least I’m not achy and cold. Also, being sick give me an excuse to drink lots of Gatorade!


Lemonade Gatorade

My cashier at Walmart on Monday wanted tried to strike up a conversation about Gatorade. I was not in the mood, but we both agreed I had picked out the best flavors. I’m lucky all I got was a fever for a few days. My dad was sick in bed all weekend and poor M had the flu a few weeks ago.

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