Shooting Hoops

Around this time every year, I really enjoy watching all of the championship basketball games. I’ve always loved watching the state tournaments because how cool is it to make it that far? This year the Lady Potters made it to state and dad & I got to go to the Friday afternoon game together at Redbird over in Normal. I love state games, but it’s so much more exciting when it’s your own team. It was also fun watching Limestone this weekend in the boys tournament. Congrats to both central Illinois teams!

Watching these games really makes me want to go outside and just shoot some hoops. Helen was home this past week for her spring break, so she was in. Unfortunately, the weather has been nasty and not spring-like at all. That didn’t stop us on Saturday, we decided to go play during half-time of the K-State/KU game. Oh, and if you can believe it (which I know you probably can’t and I’m okay with that), I beat Helen & M at CAT (…PIG). Here are some photos of our mad skillz:


We like to pretend the neighbor’s hoop makes a full court, even though there are two yards separating the hoops. M went in for the winning shot and this is what happened…


Hel had to get out the glow-in-the-dark ball to help


Took a few minutes, but finally got it out






M shoots as Helen…I don’t know what Helen is doing


umm that does not look like it’s even remotely close to going in


mad air




Go K-State!


Pondering her…basketball future?

It was fun, but cold. I knew I’d be sore the next day and I was correct. It was worth it though. M & I took the basketball back to Deer Creek, maybe we’ll go play at the park someday…maybe.


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