High Five for Friday

I feel like all of my High Five for Friday pictures are going to be of cats & food (nothing wrong with that I suppose!). I lead an exciting life…


1. I decided that last weekend I’d enjoy winter for a few more days & then transition into spring. I put up my Easter wreath and other spring decorations on Monday night. I also lit one of the springsummery candles my brother’s girlfriend gave me for my birthday. Isn’t this birdhouse candle holder the cutest thing ever??

2. Had to take Ms. Lilian to the vet on Monday for her one-year check-up and vaccinations. Poor baby is so terrified, but it means I get some extra snuggles while we’re waiting. I just love how her little head is snuggled up into my arm.

3. Ms. Lena also went to the vet and had to get antibiotics for a sore on her paw. I must say giving her the medicine is getting easier! And I’ve only mixed it in the food twice. I’m a pretty awesome kitty-mommy.

4. Pictures of kitties sitting in the window never get old. Pictures of kitties sitting in the window watching the snow(/rain/hail- it was weird Tuesday night!) will also never get old. Now that it’s getting nicer out, expect some pictures of kitties sitting in the window enjoying fresh air and birds.

5. Today I’m wearing my diamond kitty necklace my dad gave me for Christmas. It’s just too cute.

Happy Friday!

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