Giving Medicine to a Cat

Here is my gorgeous-goofball-chunky-monkey, Lena Rae.


Lena Rae [Jepsen]

When I took Lily to the vet on Monday, I asked if Lena could tag along (my vet is about 30 minutes away, so I try to avoid driving out there as much as possible…even though I love it there!). She’s had this sore-bumplike thing on her paw for a few weeks (mmkay maybe more than a month) that I wanted to get checked out. It doesn’t seem to bother her when she walks or when I touch it, but when she sits, she sits like this:


Holding up her left paw when she sits

First, Dr. D weighed her. Another thing I’m a bit concerned about is that she is not even a year old and weighs 11 pounds. We recently switched them to a light food and started measuring it. Dr. D said that there is a prescription food out there that helps metabolism. Le has to go back in a few months for vaccinations, so hopefully she slims down a little more before then. When she looked at the paw, she said it looked like she had stepped on something. They then held her down on her back and noticed it looked like there was something similar on her right paw, but that was healing. Then, jokingly, Dr. D said, “What’d you do, step on some hot coals?” I then thought, “oh no, I have to come clean!” and said, “Welllll, actualllly…I think she did touch my hot hair iron one day.” Proud cat-mommy moment right there! Dr. D said we’d give her an antibiotic and if in a week it’s working, we’ll get her another dose for another week (…aka another trip out to Pioneer Parkway…aka more money). She asked if I was okay with giving liquid medicine and I enthusiastically said, “Yup! That’s fine!” I gave both of them pain meds after getting de-clawed. I’ve also shoved worm pills into both of their mouths. How much different could this be??

Ah, young Hannah (as in two days ago, young Hannah), how much different could this be?? A lot. It’s a lot different. I believe that the pain meds absorbed into their mucus, so as long as you got the meds somewhat near the mouth, they’d get it. Kitty amoxicillin is a whole other story (although even the kitty variety smell good, I remember always liking amoxicillin because it both smelled and tasted good!). Here is a how-to on giving kitty meds (because I’m pretty much an expert now after giving her four doses already, of course):


Give your sweet kitty a few treats…it’s a good decoy


Get the meds out of the fridge (this stuff is legit!)


Taunt your sweet kitty with it just so she makes this face


Don’t give into this sweet “no mommy, please no” face…stay strong (look at the dangling paw and remember what this is all about)!


Take a picture of her gorgeous sister who is just laughing at us all and has to be involved


I find it best to hold her in your lap and hold her down as best as you can with one hand (don’t give into this poor face either)

The first time I gave it to her on Monday, I used the syringe they gave me. Don’t do that. You try to shoot it in their mouth & it goes everyyyywhere [this happened twice, once with M helping]. I switched to the eye dropper, so much easier. This way I can drop as much in her mouth as I can, stop and take a break and then drop a little more in. I still can’t get her to open her mouth up for me, so I’ve been lifting up her cheek and dropping it between her teeth. Once you’re done, give her some more treats, or let her go eat some food to make her happy.


Not too bad, as long as there is food involved

There is an even easier way than the eye-drop method! Mixing it in canned food. However, there are a few dilemmas to using this method. A. You may have a cat who does not like canned food. Okay, maybe that is just me. Lil won’t eat it (we learned this the hard way, after we’d mixed an $8 worm pill into it). She’ll sniff it, then poo-poo the heck out of it. B. You may have an 11-month old kitten who weighs 11 pounds. I’ve decided just to give her 1/4 or 1/2 the can once a day. I also don’t want her thinking she’s going to get canned food every day, especially since we’ll be doing this for two weeks. So I’m going to try using this way only once a day (unless I’m feeling too lazy to wrestle her…).


What will it be, Lena? Chicken or turkey?


Put the meds right on top and mix them into the food. She’ll gobble it right up!


Take another picture of your other gorgeous cat, again, needing to be involved

I’m hoping that these meds work, I’ll even make that long journey out to the vet to get more if it means my baby is healthy! I also hope that none of you have to give your pets any medicine ever…but if you do, I hope this helps.


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