[Almost] Spring!

I don’t really have a favorite season. I love snow, I love swimming and I love the in-betweeness of fall and spring. I gave myself last weekend to enjoy the last of winter, now I’m ready for spring.

Over the weekend, I switched from my winter coat to my spring coat, and even though it’s now like 32 degrees, I can’t bring myself to wear my winter coat again. Today, it was bright and sunny when I woke up-it looked like the perfect spring day outside! Then I checked the thermometer on my phone- it said 31. That’s not always right or refreshed, so I checked our indoor/outdoor thermometer. What?! I decided that I was going to wear capri leggings and a skirt anyway. It’s now flurrying outside, but I’m over it.

I also painted my nails for spring/St. Patrick’s Day. It’s kind of a weird shade of green, but springy.


Essie Navigate Her

It looks like it’s supposed to be warm outside this weekend. I hope so! After watching lots of the IHSA March Madness state tournament, I’ve been itching to get outside and shoot hoops (for like a minute-I know I’ll take one shot, my arms will crack and hurt and I’ll be done). It rained all of this past weekend, I think it’s supposed to rain some more this weekend, but it’s supposed to be at least 50. I hope so at least!

At least I was smart and wore mittens today with my capris and spring coat.

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