Happy Anniversary, Lilian Rose!

A year ago yesterday, we adopted our sweet Lilian Rose. This past year has flownnn by, I can’t believe it’s already been that long. It’s so much fun to watch her play and then give us lovins. It’s fun to watch her torment her little sister and then cuddle up next to her later on. Lena can now hold her own, but Lil still seems to always be the one in charge.

Here’s a few things I love about Ms. Lilian:

-I love that she loves her momma! Almost every night before bed and most mornings, she’ll snuggle up on my chest, lick my neck and give me pumpies. She’s been doing this since she was a wee little one.

-I love that she always wants to be where we are. If the bathroom door doesn’t get shut all of the way, she’s learned she can push it open. If it is shut all of the way, she will bat at us until we let her in. She also loves sitting on the side of tub while I shower. One time she fell in hehe

-I love that she doesn’t like kitty treats! However, we learned that she will gobble up cheerios and oyster crackers. Weirdo.

-I love that she still plays. She’s definitely not as crazy as she was a year ago, but she still has huge bursts of energy (usually chasing her little sister around). She still loves to play with toys and still walks around with them in her mouth and then tosses them up into the air. Her all-time favorite toy is her Halloween mouse. She also loves the ball-track thing we got them for Christmas. I thought they might get bored with it, but I always hear her playing with it. Also, (now, kitty-mommies, I do realize this isn’t the safest thing) she loves batting jingle bells around. It’s hilarious.

-I love that she carries things. We called Lena “the carrier” for the longest time, but really, I think that title should go to Lily. Last week I found one of my sweater boots upstairs (I don’t know for sure it was her, but I just have an idea that it was). Some mornings, I’ll leave my hair drawer open a little and then will come home to find my headbands out in the hallway (again, not positive it’s her, but I just have that feeling). A while back I woke up one morning to her chewing on something- she had carried a Wii remote upstairs. What goes on in these little kitty brains??

-I love that she’s a good traveler. Not that we really go anywhere besides Morton and the vet, but she’s good at getting in her cage (well, after I catch her) and is content until we arrive.

She really is my little sweetheart. Most nights, she still comes and greets me as I walk through the door (she’s growing out of that though, some nights I get home and go upstairs and she’s just hanging out on the bed, guess I’m not that important anymore). Now, enjoy a few pictures of my Lily Rose:
liloneyearHere is Lily last March and then last night (she looks really big in the 2013 photo, she’s actually really long and lanky!).


Poor little girl at the vet this morning. If she couldn’t curl up and hide in her carrier, mommy’s lap was the next best thing.


Once we got home from the vet, ready to get inside!



Happy 1st anniversary, Lil!


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  1. Jplevka says:

    Great stuff!

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