Snow Day Potato Soup

When I found out I was getting a snow day (mm…hour) on Tuesday, I decided that the perfect dinner would be potato soup. Of course, I chose the most labor-intensive soup and, of course, didn’t have any of the ingredients. So, my snow hour was basically wasted by going to Walmart and then driving home (carefully since the snow was blowing pretty bad over the back highway). Then when I got home, I had to wash some dishes so that a. I could make the soup and b. we could eat it. Eventually, I got down to it & even though I didn’t get to sit down and eat until after 7, it was worth it!

This is my go-to loaded potato soup recipe. It is in no way good for you at all…which is why it’s so delicious. Since I’m lazy, peeling the potatoes, cooking the bacon & chopping the onion takes way too much time, but once that’s all done it goes together pretty easily. The recipe is from my good friend Betty- Betty Crocker that is!

I have not learned how to cook bacon to my liking (crispy!), but that could be because we buy cheap bacon. I tried microwaving it this time because we did that last month at my sister-in-law’s, it took forevs, but it was way easier than frying (because frying scares me!). Anyone have any good tips on cooking crispy bacon?? I’d be fine without the bacon, but we actually made it without last time and it just didn’t have the same flavor. You cook the onions in a little grease and then I only put a little of the chopped bacon into the actual soup. I always let M add extra to his (and I always throw a little on top just because it looks fancy!). Oh, and I’m not big on ham, so I’ve always left the ham out.

One tip I’ve learned with melting cheese is to let it sit out for a while before throwing it in. It just seems to melt easier. I also put a little in at a time and stir that in before I throw more in.

This soup is perrrfect for a snow day! Or any day really. Well, except for the season opener of The Biggest Loser haha! That’s what we did last time-each ate two bowls while watching… I’m sure I’ll be making it in the summer too just because it really is one of my fave soups.


Betty’s Loaded Potato Soup


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