I woke up this morning knowing that getting two snow days in one week would be too good, so I didn’t get my hopes up (too much). I came to work, luckily the roads weren’t too bad (and I allowed myself on the road-go me!).

Right around 3, ICC sent out an alert that the school will be closing at 5! Hooray! It’s only an hour earlier than I usually get out, but it still feels awesome knowing that I get to go home early. I think I’m almost too excited over this, I feel like I’m in 3rd grade and school just got canceled for two days. I’ve decided that I’m going to run to the store on my way home & get the things to make potato soup because that sounds like it’ll be delish tonight.

I’m not the only one who is enjoying the snow. I opened the blinds for the kitties to look out & they seemed to love it. Big flakes were coming down at the time, I think one startled Lena because she jumped as one fell close to the window. A few minutes later, Lil stood up on the window sill and started batting at the flakes. So funny (and this is the reason the dishes didn’t get done this morning…my kitties are just too cute!).

I plan on enjoying my snow hour to the fullest! How much snow did you get?

Here are my cuties:


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