High Five for Friday

Today I am linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk for High Five for Friday!



1. It snowed this week!!! In central Illinois, you’d think I’d be sick of snow by now (well, let’s be real, I’ll never be sick of snow), but we have hardly had any the past two winters. I even got the day off and it was lovely and great and fabulous. I sat around and watched tv all day and snuggled with the kitties. It’s been flurrying on and off for the past four days now…and I love it!

2. Mom, Dad & I went down to eiu to visit Helen and to attend her band concert on Sunday.

3. I really only drink coffee on occasion, and I don’t drink it for the caffeine. I drink it because I have super-cute travel mugs. I think Helen gave me this one for Christmas this year. The kitties on it are so cute (duh).

4. I’ve avoided buying Girl Scout cookies the past few years. Dad got some a few weeks ago, but didn’t get thin mints. We were at Kroger this week and on our way out the cute little girls asked if we wanted to buy some. My response was “mmmmmnooooooyessssss.” yumyumyum

5. We made taco soup this week for dinner (which made great leftovers the next day). I’m going to post the recipe soon because I always have to scroll through old facebook messages to find it. Simple & delish!

Happy Friday everyone!

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