I’m Alive!

I cannot believe it’s almost been a year since my last real post and that makes me sad 😦 I really have no excuses except for that I’m lazy & don’t feel like doing anything except laying around (and we still don’t have internet at our place). I’m seriously hoping to write more…but no guarantees 😦 So, I guess this post will be a quick overview of what I’ve been doing since last March (yeesh) and then maybe I’ll be caught up??

We adopted Ms Lena Rae at the end of June. It took Lil a few days to get used to her, but now they are bffs. I yove my babies so much. I love when they cuddle with each other, I love when they cuddle with me, I love that Lil still licks my neck and gives me pumpies every night, I love that Lena still nurses herself (yes, yes she does), I love when they go crazy and play play play. I do not love that they got fleas last fall 😦 We have spent way too much money on flea & worm meds, but I’ll do what I need to for my baybays. This is the first month since October that I haven’t seen any traces of fleas, so that’s good. I think we’ll keep up with the Frontline for a while though. We had to put the girls on a diet (well, we put Lena on a diet, but Lil has to deal with it). A few months ago, she weighed almost 11 pounds & she won’t even be one until April. We switched them over to light food & also started measuring it instead of just pouring. She is still pretty big, but she’s trimmed down some. Le loves treats! I even taught her to sit. Lil won’t touch treats (she poo-poos them…you know after they’ve used the litter box & scratched to cover it up, well when they do the scratching thing not in the box to something that they don’t like, we call it poo-pooing haha). However, we learned she will eat Cheerios?? She did eat a treat once- we put it next to a Cheerio. She at the Cheerio first and then when she thought no one was looking, put the treat into her mouth real quick. I’m sad I never updated the Lilian blog 😦 I still have been taking daily pictures of them, but let’s be real, I’ll probably never post them all (plus I’m missing a few days when we went out of town). Maybe though!

I chopped off and donated 12.5 inches of hair back in October! It’s the second time I’ve donated- the first was back in high school, I’m not sure how much I cut that time. I lovvve my hair short! It’s so much easier to do in the morning. And, one of my favorite bloggers, Kate, has the cutest hair styles and her video tutorials make the styles actually doable. Also, she loves cats. Also also, she retweeted me once AND responded to one of my tweets (after I’d told her that I had a dream I wrote her a letter telling her that we and our cats should be bffs!). The only thing I miss about my long hair is having a long, straight ponytail. I’d been wanting to cut it for a while but wasn’t ever quite ready (the hair was ready though, it was so long it was getting scraggly). Then one day I sent my hair girl a message telling her to look at short styles for me. She told me she had an opening that night. I told her I needed to get Helen’s permission to cut & needed to make sure my mom could come with for support. I ended up going that night, and I loved it. I was super nervous, but I knew it was time for it to go. I have to sleep with my hair up, so it was kind of shocking that night when it was too short for a pony tail! It has since grown (a lot actually), I haven’t had it trimmed since that night. I’m definitely due and I’m going to chop side bangs again.

Work is work. Back in October, I stepped up into my supervisor’s position as temporary full time. It was different because I was actually working 40 hours a week and I actually had responsibility (which is part of the reason I didn’t blog-I felt guilty for not working…not that that kept me off of facebook all day hah). I left Family Video only a few weeks after I started working full time at ICC (which was actually just two weeks after my anniversary of working there! I couldn’t believe I worked at FV for a year). I couldn’t handle working 9-6 and then 7-11 and getting up the next day and doing it again. I strangely miss working there more than I thought I would, mostly I miss the people because, with a few exceptions, everyone was awesome. Luckily, I still keep in contact with most of them, so that’s awesome! I also have FV dreams. I’m definitely having less now than I was a few months ago. It was weird because after I first left, I’d have dreams that I was working and then they turned into dreams where I was called in and eventually turned into dreams where I was just a customer. I went back for the first time since October only a few weeks ago and the dreams started back up haha. Lately, I’ve been having placement test nightmares! It’s horrible. I recently went back to working part-time hours at ICC, which has been a weird adjustment. I still have most of the responsibility I had while I was full time, but now only working 29 hours a week. Like I said, it’s been weird and a little confusing at times trying to figure out my role, but I’m doing what I can. I had my one-year anniversary at ICC, and can’t believe I’ve already been here that long.  I’m still trying to find the perfect job that is doing more along the lines of what I want to do.

Snow Day!
I had a snow day on Tuesday this week!!! I couldn’t believe it. I woke up when M left around 7:15 and saw my mom texted me at 7 that the roads were getting bad. I decided to get up and go to Morton so I wouldn’t have to drive on the country roads later in the day. So I packed a bag with Tuesday and Wednesday work clothes just in case we decided to stay in Morton if it was too nasty to drive home. I went outside and started my car and came back inside and had a text message from Mike, a text from the ICC alert, a missed call, a voicemail from the ICC alert, a twitter notification, a gmail notification about the twitter response, and prob a Ruzzle request. I was so overwhelmed with all those notifications that I didn’t believe the ICC one, or was afraid I’d read/heard it wrong! I didn’t! So I called Mike because I had to tell someone (it had taken him 55 minutes to get into Peoria- yuck!). I went ahead and pack upped the kitties and went to Morton so I could spend the day watching cable tv and be on the internet. It was fabulous! ICC put in the alert system just last week and I was hoping they’d get to try it out 🙂

Soo anywho. Nothing too exciting to report! I’m all enthused now, so expect a  bunch of posts over like the next week and then prob nada hah.

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