Lilian Rose

M & I adopted a kitten on March 10! The past 10 days have been the most fun ever! We are having a blast watching her play and grow (I know I can’t compare it to watching a child, but I feel like it is pretty close to being the same feeling…lame!). I just love her so much! And now…introducing…Lilian Rose!

Bringing Lily home on March 10.

On Saturday morning, Mom & I went to PetSmart to pick out a kitten. M had to work and couldn’t go with 😦 It was crazy when we got there-Lily was in a crate with her two other sisters and one other brother. Her brother and one of her sisters got adopted right before she did. It was definitely heart-breaking that we couldn’t take her other sister home too 😦 We adopted her from PFS Shelter in Edwards, IL, who had brought some of their animals to PetSmart that day. She was about 12 weeks old. She has had two out of the three of her shots and had already been spayed. The little stinker actually ripped her internal stitches, so had to get re-stitched up with the real kind, not the disolvable ones, so I had to take her a few days later to get those out.

She was sooo good on the way home! She didn’t cry once, just kind of contently sat there. After we left the pet store, mom said she kind of wanted to see how Stormy & Alegra would react to her…they did not like their new niece one bit (but, what can you expect from two 15 1/2 year old cats who don’t like each other??).

Alegra not liking her new niece who just wants to play

Stormy checking out her new niece before she decided to get mad

We spent the afternoon at mom & dad’s. When it was time to pick up M & Helen, we took kitty with 🙂 Again, she was a good traveler! We went back to Morton for a while, and then made plans to go see Reid & Brittany’s new place in Normal. Brittany has two kitties and they were cat-sitting a friend’s, so there were four kitties over there. At one point, we noticed our kitty (who was still nameless at this point) was missing. We found her hanging out under the bed with her cousins.

Mustard & Lucy

We came home again and started to show her where things were.

baby go peepee

eating her [expensive

It was definitely a busy Saturday! We let her sleep with us on Saturday night (probably a dangerous precedent to set…but I love her so much!). I woke up around 5 on Sunday morning and couldn’t find her. I looked under the bed, under the couch, everywhere! I still couldn’t find her, so I woke M up to help. He looked under the bed, under the couch, all the places I’d just looked. Then, we looked under the bed again and there she was! I discovered where she’d probably been a few days later…more on that in a minute.

It was hard leaving her for work on Sunday evening, even though M would be home with her and it was only for five hours. It was even harder on Monday! I’m never going to be able to have a real kid haha. I felt bad on Monday, so went and bought her a laser. Here are some pictures from Sunday.

baby kitten!

me & kitty

family picture

Helen and Jordan visited on Monday. Tuesday, I made her vet appointment to get her stitches out. They asked for her name. I said, “uhhhhh…kitty?”. I just had the hardest time deciding what I wanted to name her! We finally decided on Tuesday night. I wanted to somehow name her after my grandma who passed away on February 29. Mama P lovvvved kitties and wanted to always take home any strays she saw. I didn’t want to name her Eileen because that’d be weird. I thought about Belle for Belleville, where she lived, but I hate the name Belle haha. Then! I thought I’d name her after a flower. My grandma loved growing roses, so I decided I could name her Rose…then I realized that I really don’t like the name Rose and I couldn’t convince myself that’s what I wanted her name to be. I thought of Lily and then decided on Lilian Rose, Lily for short 🙂 It fits her well, so I think I made a good decision!

Wednesday morning, I drove her out to Pioneer Parkway to get her stitches out. We called two vets in Morton and they wanted to charge us $50! I said no way! I will drive 30 minutes to get them out for free. I made the right decision because they were super nice, plus, since they had put them in, they knew her. She cried on the way there, but I think it was because nobody was paying attention to her, not because she was scared 🙂 She was a good girl at the vet and then slept the whole way home.

Heading to the vet…somebody pleeeease play with me!

Oh! Back to the “where was she hiding on Sunday morning?” story. On Wednesday morning before we left for the vet, I heard her playing under our bed. I went to get her because it was time to go. I looked under there, but didn’t see her…I then noticed her little paw prints walking UP in the box spring!!! Luckily, I remembered that there was a hole in the box spring, so all I had to do was wiggle my fingers in it and she came over and jumped right on out. She did it again the next morning, so we made sure to tape up the hole that night. What a good hiding place though!

We took her over to mom & dad’s again on Friday night (Alegra and Stormy still haven’t warmed up to her) and then again on Sunday so we could show Noah & Ella. I was so proud of her haha. I had shown her where the litter box in the basement was once on Friday and on Sunday night, I saw she went downstairs and she was using it. She’s so smart 🙂

She is so funny and wild! She’s probably that way since we leave her home alone all day…and because she’s a kitten. I’m trying to teach her biting people and cords are not cool. Other than that, she’s really good. She’s so cute when I get home. She runs to me and cries (and her meow is so petite I hope it is always like that hehe).

my parrot kinten

cuddles…this is the first time I got her to calm down and nap on me ❤

I was scheduled to go into work on Sunday, but they didn’t need me, so I got to spend the whole day with kitty! I’m sure that I’m going to make lots of Lily posts in the future! I’m going to be the person who has facebook albums called Lilian Rose 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, but I don’t care. I’ve already posted a ton of videos (love my flipcam, momma!) too. Here are a few more pictures from this past Sunday.

Lilian Rose: 13 weeks old

love my baby!

family photo week 2

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