Easter Wreath

A few weeks ago, I decided I needed to make an Easter wreath, so, of course, I checked out pinterest. I was kind of sad to take down my Valentine’s Day wreath, but took it as an opportunity to also put away my Christmas wreaths (…and skating rink, and snowmen, and Valentine’s Day decorations…). I found this blog with the perfect, and fairly cheap, Easter egg wreath!

The best part is is that the wreath part is just cardboard. I know paying $5 or $6 for a foam wreath isn’t that much, but it does add up! Also, I bought my eggs and grass from Wal-Mart for probably about $3 (I do remember the grass was only 28 cents…what a bargain!).

I woke up on Sunday morning before 10 (ugh) and decided it would be the perfect time to get it done. I took Hop home this weekend, so also decided it’d be the perfect wreath-making movie to watch.

I had some help with this wreath from my adorable kitten, Lilian Rose.

yes, at one point these eggs were grouped by color

the outside eggs are glued on at this point, but, yes, the inner ones were laid out in a pattern

I didn’t mind. She’s so cute that I loved watching her bat the eggs around the room. When I got done gluing all of the eggs on, I realized that I was missing one. I had to go on an egg hunt to find that last green egg 🙂

At one point, I looked next to me and found kitty hanging out in the Easter egg packaging hahaha. She was just laying in there. After I took this (…and maybe a few more) pictures, I made her get out. Suffocation is not allowed in this household!

pretending to be an Easter egg?

Here is the final wreath:

Easter egg wreath

It was super simple to make! You really could randomly lay out the eggs, but I have to have some sort of consistency, so I made them into patterns (and the inner ring didn’t really allow for that, so it threw me way off…I got over it though). When you’re done gluing the eggs onto the cardboard, you just push the grass through the holes between the eggs. If I were to do this again, I think that before gluing on the eggs, I would glue some grass down first and then again on top of the bottom layer of eggs. I’m kinda nervous about how much of this grass is going to blow out of the wreath. Maybe birds will be able to use it in their nests? haha.

Anyway, this turned out super cute and was super simple! I will prob keep it up throughout April (and that’s partly because it’s springy and I like it and partly because I’m lazy and just took down the last of my Christmas decorations, so it might be June before my door gets a new wreath).

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