CamelBak Groove

I am in love with this water bottle. So much so that I had to bold “in love” so you understand how much I love it. I have never liked drinking tap water, so I’ve always drank bottled from the store. However, I was getting to the point where I felt guilty about it because it was wasteful and we were spending lots of money on bottled water. I always knew that I needed to drink more water than what I did, but wouldn’t drink tap water (or even filtered, we have a brita, but I still don’t like it) and would waste a lot of bottles, so I just didn’t drink it.

That changed on like January 13th. Well, actually, it changed around Christmas. Helen got one of these water bottles and really liked it. She told me about how she filled it up at the airport and the water tasted fine and mom’s water was nasty since she just filled a regular water bottle. A water bottle that makes tap water taste okay? Sign.Me.Up!

One part of our 8-Week Challenge is to drink 64 oz of water a day. I realized that would be like 4 bottles of water from the store a day…yikes! So, I did some research and ended up getting this bottle from Amazon. It was about $17, so I was kind of turned off by that price (but, I did get free shipping because I bought an armband for my phone in the same shipment). Best $17 I have ever spent! I have definitely got my money’s worth and I’ve only had it for about six weeks. Oh! And Amazon has it in a bunch of colors. I got mine in seafoam, Helen has a black one. Helen’s is from Target, so I know they have them there too, but I think her’s was at least $20, so I think saving three dollars was worth it 🙂

The filter is supposed to last 300 uses or three months. I’ve been filling mine up almost three times a day and so far haven’t noticed any change in taste or anything. One thing that is kind of weird, but I grew to really like because it’s weird is the bite valve. You have to bite the top and suck to get water out. It’s definitely different at first, but it grows on you (and sometimes I just sit around chewing on it). I do think I want to buy extra valves because it gets gross fast (a lot of dust gets stuck on it and then I’m always wiping off chapstick). They recommend that you clean it once every two weeks. I think it should probably be more often than that, but I’m lazy, so that’s what I’ve been doing. The filters are kind of expensive too, but I think Helen and I are planning on splitting a pack, and, they are worth it!

If I was cool and had lots of money, I would do a giveaway on my blog and give one away. For now, you can go out and spend $17 to get one for yourself. I absolutely love mine!!

My CamelBak Groove…I love it!

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