Stormy’s Tail

Hi! I’m Stormy!


FYI, I am not very photogenic, but I will try my best. I was adopted by the Ps as a kitten after spending some time at a pet shop (yikes!) in Shorewood, IL. They took me home with my sister, Cynthia. A few weeks later, Cynthia and I both got really sick with high fevers. Even though I was sicker, she had to be put down. The Ps thing that I suffered some brain damage from the high fever. However, I am just really weird.

Reid named me Stormy, because, you guessed it, I am gray. It’s not too exciting or creative, but I like it. My favorite person is Hannah. I have been sleeping in her room ever since I was a baby kitten. I also like John. He comes into Hannah’s room every night before bed to play on his iPad (wish he would download a kitty app!) and cuddle with me.

Sometimes I go downstairs, but not very often. Usually, someone takes me down there so I don’t have climb the stairs. I don’t like it, so as soon as I can escape, I am right back upstairs.

I like outside, and making Alegra jealous

I kinda want to be comfortable here

I do come down to eat in the morning. Alegra and I don’t get along too well, but she does move over to let me get some food.


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Some days, I even jump up onto Jeanenne’s lap when she is at her computer. I know she likes it.

This past fall, Hannah brought me down to watch the World Series. I stayed for a while because it was the Cardinals playing and I like watching birds.

Reid is weird, but go Birds!

One of my favorite things to do is to cuddle with Hannah while she’s watching her shows or on Pinterest, only in her bed, of course. My favorite show is Pretty Little Liars.


I like Christmas. Alegra and I get along sometimes and there are lots of presents to climb on and hide behind. I can be downstairs without someone yelling at me that they see me (I usually like to walk through unnoticed). Also, the best two things about Christmas are: a. the string that is wrapped around the Christmas tree and b. new catnip toys! I love pretending that I am still a kitten for a few minutes a day. I will chase that string around (but prefer to just be laying down and having someone dangle it over me). I also love catnip! It relaxes me and I can hang out in a room with people without caring!

New catnip toy on Christmas morning. I also love the sun!

Playing with my new toy under the tree

Pretending to be a kitten

I don’t like any of the same things Alegra does- I don’t like being outside, I don’t like attention and I don’t even really like eating kitty treats. My favorite thing ever though is drinking bottled water from the cap. If I hear a bottle crunch, I will find it and then beg for some water until I get it.

Drinking water in Helen’s bed

I will be 16 later this year. You can send all of your birthday wishes to Hannah since if you try to visit me, I will get real scared and run under the bed.

I am calm

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2 Responses to Stormy’s Tail

  1. Ashley says:

    Sooooo cute! I love both the little kittiesssss! Makes me miss the poochi at home!

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