Free Birthday Treats!

I sign up for a ton of email lists from different places where I shop/eat. Most of the emails I receive are worthless (for example, Bath and Body Works…when you give your email, they tell you that the more times you give your email, the more coupons and stuff you get…lies! I don’t think I’ve ever got a coupon from there), except for Kohls who sends out 15% off coupons every few weeks and sometimes a 20% off one. Not all of them are bad, but only a few send random discounts. Until the week of February 10th! All of these places have my birthday, so one of the benefits of subscribing to all of these is that they send me free birthday coupons!

So far this week, I have received:

  • Free dessert from TGI Fridays
  • Free brownie sundae from Chilis
  • Free stir-fry from Flat Top
  • Free scoop of ice cream from Baskin-Robbins
  • $5 off any two entrees from Red Lobster
  • Free pastry from Panera
  • Free dessert from Fazoli’s

The only one of these that I’ll probably use is the Flat Top one. I’m going there tonight with Sara, Dave & M! However, I do love receiving all of these emails that actually have free stuff in them.

What would make it fabulous would be if Hobby Lobby & Kohls sent me something extra since most of my money goes there 🙂

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