Sign Language

So, I have always wanted to learn sign language. When my roommate Elizabeth took it in college, I tried to help her study, but she’d just get annoyed at me 🙂 I was looking through the courses here at ICC last week and decided that eventually I am going to take it.

Well, when M & I woke up on Sunday, we were flipping through our 7 channels and I stopped on PBS- it was a kid’s show that teaches sign language. I decided to stop on it even though it was super cheesey, I thought I could actually learn something…and I did! We ended up watching the whole half hour 🙂 This show was about birthdays, so we learned happy birthday, thank you, gift, invite, cake, candle, hat and friend.

Today, I found a cake that has whoppers all over it. M’s dad’s favorite candy is whoppers, so I sent him the link and asked him if I should make it for him sometime. This is the response e-mail I received:


hahaha omg I laughed sooo hard…in my head. I’m at work and didn’t want the other ladies to think I am more weirder than they already do, so I just had to chuckle to myself. I was dying inside though. So then I asked him, “Don’t you have some calls to make?” He responded that he only had three more and it has been a long day. So, I responded with:



So, yes, this is how my husband and I communicate to each other throughout the day. I’ve been talking to Sara all day and I told her I was going to tell her a story. I warned her that it was a “you had to be there” story, but told her anyway. Luckily, she sent a message back that it was indeed funny. Hope you all find it at least somewhat funny as well!

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