Christmas Traditions: Plevka Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the year. The Ps have a day full of traditions and I love every one of them.

My dad’s longest tradition is going shopping on Christmas Eve. He used to do most of it and would be gone until 5 p.m. or so, but now he does only a little. This is probably a tradition I will never continue…

We have been making Christmas cookies since forever. A few years ago (probably more than a few) we got really busy and didn’t make them until Christmas Eve. That stuck ever since then. My parents got this cassette tape wayyyy back in the day (as in possibly before I was born). It is a tape of ridiculous songs with Santa and kids commentary. We break it out each December 24th while we make cookies and dance around the kitchen-even mom & Reid get way into it! This year my mom bought a cassette-to-mp3 converter and now we can share this tape with our kids! Dancing to Christmas Tape

Our cookies used to never be good, but I now use my mother-in-law’s recipe, and while they are def not as good as hers, they are still really good!

One special thing about Christmas that I can carry on is the apron that my mom gave me as a wedding shower gift…it is exactly like the one that her aunt gave her when she was younger! And, get this, my mom found it on ebay!! It’s so special to me because it’s the exact same pattern that her’s is!

Making cookies in my apron with Helen & Reid dancing in the background


After we make cookies, we hang out for a bit. [This year, before making cookies, me, Reid & Helen all laid in my bed and watched all three Full House Christmas episodes…kind of weird, kind of fun…maybe a new tradition.]

We open our family presents to each other on Christmas Eve. This ends up taking way longer than it should, so we usually do some before dinner and the rest after. My dad cooks a steak dinner, and, because of tradition, we dim the dining room light and basically eat in the dark 🙂

After we finish opening presents (which always consists of a calendar and pajamas), we put on our new jammies and pile into the van to look at Christmas lights around town. This year it was after midnight that we went out, so we didn’t drive around too much. When we get home, an elf has stopped by and left us an ornament in our stockings. Some years we take jumping pictures in front of the tree and some years we forget.

Last year was the most perfect Christmas Eve everrrr! It snowed all day, which made for a beautiful White Christmas.

2010…Everyday I’m shovelin’

Sisters Christmas Eve 2010

Last year set high expectations for a perfect Christmas Eve, so I was kinda disappointed that it was warm out this weekend.

These are all traditions that I hope to continue when I have a family. Maybe I will join M & my traditions with the Plevka’s by having a roast for dinner instead of steak or something 🙂

What Christmas traditions do you share with your family? What are your favorite Christmas memories?

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