Christmas Traditions: M&H

Christmastime is my favorite time of year. All of my family traditions make it super-special and fun, and even when I’m not in the Christmas mood (like this year when it was like 80 degrees out), I always have December 23rd-25th to look forward too 🙂 This is the first part of my three-part Christmas tradition series.

M & I just had our third Christmas together. The first year was kinda difficult because it was hard for me to have to share my Christmas with someone else/another family. It has gotten better and this year I was way disappointed when I couldn’t travel down to Jerseyville for the Schulte Christmas. We keep adding to our traditions each year.

My family always gotten a real tree, so getting a fake one has never been (and will never be) an option. We haven’t been able to afford to go to a Christmas tree farm, so we have just picked out our trees from Menards and Home Depot. We usually get it the first week of December (although, it feels like just yesterday we picked out our first one!). We then decorate it with ornaments that we bought on clearance after Christmas the year before we got married. I always complain about the tiny ornaments because there are way too many and they take too much time to put up. I think the small ones might turn into a craft project next year.

The first year, I took a picture of us in front of the tree. I did it again last year and this year I decided it’s something I want to do every year (I missed out on taking a picture of us on each anniversary, so I figure that this will suffice!). I eventually hope to do something with these pictures to display them somehow.



[I just realized I haven’t uploaded this years’ pics yet…will update later]

When we get our tree, we pick up a poinsettia. Last year, we learned not to leave it in the car for a few days…ya live, ya learn-right??

2010 poinsettia…whoops!

We decided to do our Christmas on December 23rd since we spend the 24th with my family. Our first year, we cooked a roast and that has always stuck! It is one of my favorite meals 🙂




obvs I am not big into change, but this is my favorite meal, so why make any additions?

After dinner, we do our presents to each other. We do stockings & give each other ornaments.

2009 (the red tree was mine to him…it’s made of elephant poop!)

2010 I gave him a Monk!

2010 I Love Lucy

2011 We would get each other the same ornaments

Last year, we headed over to Morton on the 24th. We stopped in Deer Creek on the way over for gas and got donuts from Casey’s (my faaaave!). We decided to do it again this year, adding it to our list of traditions.

I am big on tradition and I love making new ones every year…as long as I keep up with my past ones 🙂 It gives me something to look forward to.


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3 Responses to Christmas Traditions: M&H

  1. Meg says:

    love you Christmas photos! (i plan to do the anniversary one). i was thinking – once you gather up a bunch of Christmas pics you could make an advent calendar out of them? or put them in frames and every year use your growing collection of photos as decorations? or something like this… ….or…

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