Pretzel Wreaths

[this is the first entry I have ever written on my phone, so please excuse and ignore any errors]

Yesterday, while I was driving home from buying Andes baking mints to make cookies (another post for another time), I realized that I should have done posts about the different Christmas treats that I make every year. I am going to start these posts now which will maybe leave a little time for you to make some last-minute goodies. I am way behind in my treat making this year, although I did make party mix on December 1st (can’t believe that was already 3 weeks ago!).

One thing we make every year are pretzel wreaths (don’t know if that is an official name or not). Unfortunately, I haven’t made any yet! And I don’t know why-these are basically easier to make than my Zero-Step Fruit Dip!

All you need is circle pretzels, white almond bark and Christmas M&Ms (I suppose you could use reg, but those aren’t as festive). Lay out the pretzels on some wax paper (putting it on a cookie sheet makes them easier to transport from like the counter to the table, but it’s not necessary). Heat the almond bark in short intervals, you don’t want it to over cook it. Then, spoon the melted bark into the pretzels. You could use an icing bag to make it more even and everything, but I think it just makes more of a mess. Put one (…or two…or three) M&M (s) on the bark before it completely gardens. Thennn…eat!

There are so many variations of pretzels and almond bark. Last year, I dipped my circle pretzels then sprinkled on some sprinkles.

These are probablyyyy my favorite Christmas treat! They are perfect to munching on or to give as a quick-and-easy gift! They also still taste good after falling behind a couch in January and finding them in March (…college).



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