Christmas Wreath

With Christmas around the corner (like legit, I think I’ll turn the corner and bam! Christmas!), I have been feeling crafty. Also, Pinterest plays a big role in wanting to make crafts. M often tells me that he didn’t know I was crafty when he married me. If you haven’t checked out the site, you neeeed to! So many neat ideas and just a fabulous website concept.

This past weekend, I looked for Christmas crafts to make then headed out to Hobby Lobby to get my supplies. FYI, if you’re working on a budget, make sure you check out Wal-Mart’s craft section. We did our grocery shopping on Sunday night and I looked at what I would need craft-wise. I compared prices at Hobby Lobby on felt (20 cents at Wal, 4 for a dollar at Hob Lob), yarn ($3 at Hob Lob, $2.33 at  Wal) and a few other things. I ended up putting the straight pins back at Hobby Lobby and getting those at Wal-Mart too, I think I saved about a buck on those. Oh! And I bought the big, clear ornaments at Menards- $2 for 6. They were $7 for 12 at Hob Lob. As much as I love Hobby Lobby and the fact that they have basically everything, I will shop at Wal-Mart to save a bit here and there!

This is the wreath I made yesterday:

Felt with Glitter Ornaments

I’ll be honest, I absolutely lovvvve how it turned out. I am not very bueno at coming up with my own craft ideas, but here I was able to combine two things I’d seen on Pinterest. Here is the link for the felt wreath and here is the link for the glitter ornaments. They were both so easy to make! I think I cut out about 100 felt circles. I just bought the individual sheets (?) and was able to get 12 circles from each. I realized I could fold the felt and get two or three circles out of one cut. The circles weren’t always perfect, but as long as the edges aren’t jagged, you should be okay. I couldn’t believe how easy making the ornaments were. I bought some Martha Stewart glitter on Christmas clearance two years ago and had only used it on my Christmas cards last year. I still have a lot left and can’t wait to make more of these!

I had mucho fun making this wreath. It took me a few hours to do, but I had in a movie and it didn’t seem like it took that long. I want to see pictures of wreaths that you make this holiday season (or for anytime of the year) because they’re basically my new fave thing!

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